52 Examples Of Colorful Websites In Pastel Shades

When designing a website, the choice of colors is one of the most crucial decision. The brand and personality of your website is shaped up by the color scheme you choose. Colors speak a lot; they create moods, generate interest and result in impulsive attraction. Learn the impact of colors to get the perfect one for your website. Here’s Binary Turf’s list of 52 beautifully colorful websites (as an inspiration — for deciding over the color-scheme for your website).

1. Wallt
2. Nybble Tech
Nybble Tech
3. Co-Creating
4. La-Valle
5. Just Made My Day
Just Made My Day
6. Art 4 Web
Art 4 Web
7. Ustvarjalko
8. Woman To Woman
Woman To Woman
9. Cult-foo
10. Onotate
11. Mooty
12. ShyLandsShyLands
13. Gisele Jaquenod & Birdie
Gisele Jaquenod & Birdie
14. Soup Studios
Soup Studios
15. Web Designer Wall
Web Designer Wall
16. Markup 4 u
Markup 4 u
17. Storenvy
18. Fuel
19. Save The Turtles
Save The Turtles
20. Leaf A Legacy
Leaf A Legacy
21. Vivo Group
Vivo Group
22. Razorbraille
23. Feed Stitch
Feed Stitch
24. Emoticons
25. Pampaneo
26. Team Green
Team Green
27. Ecoki
28. Design Disease
Design Disease
29. Esintitasarim
30. Family Vacation
Family Vacation
31. Jeannie Web
Jeannie Web
32. Dribbble
33. Ieadblu.com
34. Arbel Designs
Arbel Designs
35. Jar Design
Jar Design
36. Kompakt
37. Sprint Bio
Sprint Bio
38. Daguia
39. Happy Dangy Diggy
Happy Dangy Diggy
40. Ready Made Designs
Ready Made Designs
41. Goin Nutty
Goin Nutty
42. Pralinenschachtel
43. Shark Lab
Shark Lab
44. Mark Forrester
Mark Forrester
45. The Great Bearded Reef
The Great Bearded Reef
46. E-Systems Organizers
E-Systems Organizers
47. Squared Eye
Squared Eye
48. Gist
49. Babel Junior
Babel Junior
50. Candy Bouquet
Candy Bouquet
51. Recycle Now
52. Urban Roots
Urban Roots

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Comments on "52 Examples Of Colorful Websites In Pastel Shades"

  1. Megan says

    Great websites, but many of them are rather bright and even bold colors, with maybe just a little hint of pastel somewhere. I wouldn’t consider just having a small amount of pastel color enough to really qualify a overall rather brightly colored website pastel.

  2. dr.sravanthi says

    i liked most of them . wish i get a design for my recently opened dental clinic from you. thank you.

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