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Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them the tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.
— Steve Jobs

As a seasoned WordPress professional and being a WordPress Consultant, I’m in the business of identifying business challenges and proposing innovative solutions to those challenges. I have a small team of smart pros who bring various expertise including WordPress consultation, graphics designing, WordPress development / coding, SEO consulting, digital marketing with search optimization, content architecture and project management.

My team works on the proven Agile approach of software development and project management which helps my team to quickly respond to the changes and continuous development. A professional project management means we are always on top of everything and it assures proven delivery as per projected timelines and exceptional quality of work.

Why use WordPress to drive your business?


Low Maintenance:

WordPress (due to the virtue of being a Content Management Software) is low maintenance (as we’ll see below). Some of the areas that typically require maintenance in a non-WordPress environment are content updates, design updates, security rollouts, adaptation and implementation of new functionality, content organisation, the challenges pertaining to keeping up with ever-evolving search engine dynamics and so on. WordPress as a CMS allows control over all these areas and keeps the ongoing maintenance to a bare minimum. You only focus on creating great content and making great conversions whether it be towards lead generation or just making more sales.

Easy to use:

Ever felt lost in the technical clutter? Trying to find your way around things and just trying to get a simple thing done? WordPress is owner-friendly. The cost of owning a WordPress site is not only extremely low in terms of fixed and ongoing costs, it also saves you enormous time. And peace-of-mind is one of those things that can’t be bought for money, you’d agree.

Easy Content Creation:

Content creation with WordPress is a breeze. There’s no knowledge of HTML required. There’s perhaps nothing easier than creating content as if you were composing an email on Gmail—you type plain and simple, use the editor buttons to bold, italic, upload and insert images and then hit the Publish button. All the content is silently managed behind the scenes. There are no confusing user-interfaces and it’s all updatable.

Easy Content Architecture:

Content Architecture (also known as IA or Information Architecture) is a science in itself. Well organised content makes it easier for search engines to identify and place a context to your content. This means better matching of your content to user-intent. Search engines today try to identify the intent of the searcher (beyond just a keyword match). And it’s critical that your content be understood semantically and contextually. WordPress makes it easy to implement a SILO architecture for content organisation which is the most-powerful on-page SEO technique to boost your SERPS rankings!

Tweak-able, tailored SEO:

I’m not only referring to a one time tweaking of your on-page SEO, I’m also referring to the ease of optimising it as and when required. WordPress has a template-based front-end. This means it’s easy to tweak the SEO as per your business niche as and when you want. SEO is dynamic and is constantly evolving and with WordPress you have the best shot at keeping up to it.

Modular Design via Themes:

Since WordPress uses a template-based front-end, all design edits can be done at one place and are automatically deployed across the entire site. WordPress has thousands of themes and another huge number which are professional, premium themes that come with extra features for a higher degree of control.

Functional Extensibility via Plugins:

The plugins allow you to extend the functionality of WordPress. With the hook based system of WordPress, plugins are able to “hook-into” WordPress allowing you to extend, change or remove WordPress functionality as per your business requirements. This helps you adapt WordPress to your business needs.

Membership sites:

Due to the above features of WordPress, it’s easier to deploy WordPress for membership-based web-solutions. WordPress comes with built-in user-management functionality with roles and capabilities where new users can be created, managed and privileges assigned to them. Not only this. There are a lot of advanced membership solutions out in WordPress market which makes is feasible to build high utility membership sites in lesser time.

eCommerce Stores:

Perhaps the most powerful and business centric use of WordPress is in the form of an eCommerce platform. With so many e-commerce plugins available for WordPress, it is easier to build web-solutions that are aimed at selling goods. It could be physical goods or digital goods. If you have an ecommerce requirement, there’s a solution and you can build on it.

Faster Launch:

Since WordPress management (as a software) is centralized, it’s easy to customize WordPress for your own requirements. The technical implementation is way easy as compared to perhaps anything else that you want to compare it with. Customising WordPress is a process that has lower costs in terms of monetary-investment as well as more predictable with respect to the required time period to go-live.

Great support and integration:

WordPress powers about 25% of the websites on the internet. The system is mature with a great community to support it. Thus everyone is building on WordPress. And third-party service/solution providers have their software to work with WordPress be it newsletter services like Aweber or lead-generation software. If you are building on WordPress, you are building on a system that’s robust, time-tested and supported.

As a WordPress website designer I help your business make the most of it.

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Business WordPress Consultation — How can WordPress power and accelerate your business

Web-driven businesses have unique challenges. And after working with so many businesses and delivering successful solutions, I have developed a knack for identifying business challenges, assessing the bottleneck, determining the areas of improvement and proposing innovative solutions. This includes project scoping, project planning, and project management. As a part of my full service website design & development, I offer the following:


WordPress Business Consulting:

WordPress business consultation is an expertise that rests on the ability to understand and identify solution on technical merits and proposing technology based solutions for your business-challenges, scoping and proposing a solution. This is what I offer. We will start with discovering the merits of having a website for your business, then we plan out the optimal solution for you so that the goals meet the ends.

Website Audit / Review:

I audit websites not only for the technical functionality but for it’s wholistic effectiveness in delivering on features and functionality expected of it. This means performance not only at a technical level but overall how the website acts as an engine to power your online-business (detailed below).

Search Engine Optimisation:

Keyword matches are a thing of the past. Today the landscape has evolved to include jargon like content-semantics and user-intent (or search intent). This has many implications, one of them being the fact that traditional SEO is history. Your website must send all the right signals to the search engine crawlers to give it a semantically-relevant context. Test the website content against the users’ search-intent and you’ll know if your website is showing up for the right search queries. Also off-page SEO has evolved from mere digital marketing, social media marketing to a higher form known as content-marketing. Identifying gaps in the search relevance of the website, proposing and delivering solutions is what I offer as part of my Search Visibility Services. When your website ranks high for the right customers, your chances of success increase manifold. But this is just the beginning of the cycle.

Landing Page Optimisation:

What does the user actually experience once he clicks the search results and lands up on your website? There are several factors that come into play that decide how effective your landing page really is (and we are not talking conversion-rates yet). How relevant is the content as per the users’ search-intent? Does the landing page look professional and establish trustworthiness? Are the user-experience best-practices followed? The first goal of a good landing page is to help the visitors spend more time on it to consume the content and to draw the visitors to the call-to-action. And my WordPress Landing Page Optimisation Services make sure that this specific goal of the landing page is achieved. It directly affects the conversation-rates and the business revenues.

Conversion Rate Optimisation:

While a great landing page helps keep a visitor make an informed decision about whether they want to take an action on a landing page, conversion-rate optimisation is a different art altogether. Given that a visitor has made an informed decision, how easy is it for the visitor to take the action? The usage and behaviour of a visitor differs vastly and depends on the technical medium of his visit. A user on a laptop will be sitting in a different environment with different priorities, screen-size, in contrast to a user pulling out their tablet on an airport or perhaps a smaller screen. Their response is determined by their environment and attention-span. The device they have at their disposal make a profound difference on how they view and use the site. The site also needs to adapt to the viewport. The language should be clear, concise and targeted to their attention span with a clear and easy to reach call-to-action. My Conversion-Rate Optimisation Services are focused on this niche science of improving the conversion ratio. I take into account the functional requirements of a landing page and optimise their efficiency based on visitor’s viewport and attention-span. All this rests on a solid time-proven seasoned skill of user-experience best-practices. Google Analytics allows you to configure goals to constantly assess the conversion rates and is a great tool for identifying and analysing such stats. There are several other software-tools I use to analyse visitor behaviour on the website, to identify the gaps and for implementing a solution.

Performance Optimisation:

While we’ve already covered performance in terms of effectiveness here, this is more about speed optimisation. I have often touched this topic quite in detail on my blog. For example, check out my post about best WordPress hosting. The speed of a WordPress website depends on configuration of WordPress, hosting environment, caching setup and also coding best-practices. This is an area where many follow the footsteps of others and mostly word-of-mouth. In order to live up to the expected performance requisites, a WordPress setup must be well-behaved and should be built on coding-best-practices. As far as hosting is concerned, the choice of package is largely determined by the number of visitors and also the technical configuration of hosting. Business websites need to ensure a fast-responding host with good caching etc. My experience with various server-side caching solutions brings professional expertise to the table. This means your website loads fast and catches the customer attention in time. A difference of a few seconds is all it takes to lose a customer to the myriad of attention seeking things on their screen.

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