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Shivanand Sharma — WordPress, Thesis, Genesis Developer

I’m a Thesis developer & offer Thesis design and customization services. I make sure your website looks awesome, loads fast, ranks well and generates more revenue.

My code works out of the box, at once & you get peace-of-mind!

Here’s one strong reason to use my Thesis design and coding services — Thesis is used by over 55,643 users. To establish your unique identity and branding, you need a professional WordPress + Thesis developer who will customize Thesis to get you the max. out of it.

Thesis Development Service

  • Awesome, Well-Composed & Laid Out — With years of experience pursuing photography and reading cryptic eye-tracking studies, landing page studies and the likes, I’ve developed and eye for beauty and a sense of what works for the users. The designs I deliver are not only meant to impress but also meant to be user-friendly.
  • Turnkey Designs — From design to the final website, I deliver it all. One place, one person, single point of responsibility and accountability. Your site is ready to launch at the click of a button. It doesn’t get any easier and better than this :)
  • Killer SEO — I employ the leading edge SEO best-practices like schema, metadata and the SEO semantics to implement designs into WordPress. They rank the best on search: means more visitors, more conversion and more business.
  • Pixel Perfect Designs — As they say: the devil lies in the details. I like the same elegance in everything as there is in the pure note of a violin or the feeling of zen in the morning bliss. Are all the design elements aligned to the pixel? How about the grouping? Typography? What makes sense in the layout and what doesn’t? It needs experience to answer those questions and make educated and well-informed decisions.
  • Cross-Screen & Cross-Browser Tested — My designs are developed around the idea that they should be cross-platform compatible. That includes browsers, operating systems and mobile devices and screens. I refer to them as fully responsive and platform independent.
  • All White-Label — If you like, I’ll deliver the work as white label. That means your client doesn’t have to know who did the work. And yes on my side, there’s no one else in the chain either. I do it all myself. This keeps the costs to a minimum. This is where the hammer meets the nail!
  • Tech Support — All my work comes with 30 days tech support. Drop me a mail and I’ll tweak things as you like.
  • 8Yrs. Of Experience on WordPress — If there’s one thing that doesn’t have a substitute, it’s experience. I’ve been there and done that. I build solutions that work out of the box at once. No rookie learning at your cost and time. No hacks. No trying to get things going. I deliver peace-of-mind.
  • Personal Service — It’s easy to communicate with me. Or if you like, just fire up Skype and let’s have a discussion.
  • No commitment required! It’s that easy and simple.

Here’s Some Of My Recent Work

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Here’s What My Clients Say About Me:

"I cannot express how happy I am to have found Binary Turf. After I mocked up a site in Photoshop I was concerned as to how I was going to get the site up and running in WordPress Thesis without compromising the design and functionalities that I had in mind. After requesting a quote, I heard from Shivanand within a day. I was quoted an outstanding price and guaranteed great service. I highly recommend his services and will continue to work with him on future projects.

— A. Basar, Basar Designs

"I'm very happy with the quality of work performed by Shivanand. When the original person I hired to code a custom Thesis theme for my travel blog was unable to finish the project, Shivanand came to the rescue. In a very short amount of time, he was able to work through all the details required to get the new site up and running as I'd envisioned. I plan to continue working with him to further develop my travel blog in the coming months. Highly recommended.

— David Lee, GoBackpacking.Com

"Shivanand turned my ephemeral ideas about how I wanted my web site to look and function into reality with ease, style, and grace. All my requirements were fulfilled beyond my expectations and my site now looks professional, artistic, and engaging. Shivanand has great attention to detail, technical skills, and an artist's sensibility with regard to visual design. If you use Thesis theme for Wordpress, but aren't satisfied with your web site, I highly recommend him to transform your online presence!

— Greg Kaminsky, OccultOfPersonality.Net

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