Most of the projects are outsourced to us as ‘White-label’, which means we do not claim our credit for our work. However we do have some of our independent work to demonstrate our expertise and skill.

WordPress/Blog setup, development, customization & design, AdSense targeting & integration, Thesis & other themes’ customization, WordPress MU installation & configuration, custom WordPress plugins, PSD to WordPress or Thesis, forum setup, design & customization are some of the common examples of things we do. The latest addition to the list is the ebook design.

Apn the book (eBook)

APN — The Book Edition 2011 [eBook]

APN — The Book Edition 2011 is an ebook that beautifully sums the photography blog — APNPhotographySchool.Com into a 300+ pages book. A beautiful cover page, social media integration and website promotion are the key highlights of the ebook.



Viseo.se is a Swedish website offering SEO services. It’s home page is a good landing page example — the contact form embedded in the slider and all the services showing above the fold.


APN Logo Design

APN logo was majorly a logo re-design for a photography site — APNPhotographySchool.Com. The logo was redesigned primarily to create a brand identity which was professional as well easy to relate. The task was successfully accomplished the way logo came around.


Sensaton Logo Design

Sensaton logo was designed for a beverage brand dealing in enhanced water. The logo design is a creative workaround to get a brand and a logo without infringing trademark laws.



Eilfe.com is an educational website — a personal pursuit of Prof. John JA Burke to share law and finance references with students. What makes this design stand out is of course the Metro UI — the dash of Windows 8 UI.

Photography beyond memories (eBook)

Photography Beyond Memories

Photography Beyond Memories is one of the first ebook projects — an unusual experience of learning new skills and creatively accomplishing it as a successful photography ebook.

The fortune ascent (eBook)

The Fortune Ascent

The Fortune Ascent is the ebook designed for BreakthroughMillionaire.Com. It is a finest example of a marketing ebook that pays close attention to customer conversion.


Simple, pleasing blue design truly representing husband and wife’s grand adventure. LandingStanding.Com is a travel website where Meg and Tony blog about travel, food and friendly tips and suggestions on how to make your journey successful.


A mysterious parchment over leather design, Occult Of Personality is a website covering topics related to occult.

Femme Flora WordPress Theme

Femme Flora WordPress Theme

Femme Flora is a WordPress theme designed with a feminine look and feel. It is easy to customize and comes with a configurable header. With beautiful fonts and colors, Femme Flora is a good choice if you want to run a blog with a unique and beautiful impression.

APNPhotographySchool.Com WordPress-Genesis Development And Design


A growing community of photography enthusiasts called for a beautiful and elegant custom blog design. APNPhotographySchool.com today is a hub of more than 40k photographers and serves several thousands of impressions daily.

Other Development & Design Work

Other Development & Design Work

Other than this we’ve developed several popular web applications like the ffChrome & colorfulTabs Firefox addons, a beautiful stripe generator, polka dots generator, CSS tweaking tools and more…

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