CuteMenus2 For Firefox

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Preview of CuteMenus2
CuteMenus2 is an add-on for the popular browser Firefox. CuteMenus2 is a reincarnation of the old Cutemenus extension by Flexer, rue, Aaron Spuler which was later discontinued.

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CuteMenus2 bring back the flexibility and extensibility of Cutemenus. It let’s you iconize Firefox menus and enhances their look. A flexible and feature-ful set of options makes configuration easy. CuteMenus2 has a number of iconpacks available which you can switch to get a look that you like. CutMenus2’s power lies in the fact that it allows you all this customization on the fly, dynamically without you having to restart Firefox.

Softpedia award for Cutemenus CuteMenus2 has received various awards and has been distributed with IT magazines around the world due to it’s popularity. Give it a try today and experience browsing like never before.