Blazing Fast — 32 Bit (x86) & 64 Bit (x64) Firefox Optimized Distributions

Here are some special builds of Firefox. These are not the official builds and do not display the official branding. They are optimized for particular hardware and OS combination.

What if Firefox was custom built to your particular CPU and even operating system? Wouldn’t it perform faster? The answer to that is a definite yes. The following builds of Firefox are optimized for particular CPUs to run specifically for Windows. They are also optimized according to the real world uses so that it performs the best on your desktop. Please refer to the legend below.

If you have requests for any particular architecture please feel free to contact me.

Firefox Release Builds Firefox Aurora Builds

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  • New: We now have 64 bit optimized builds of Firefox — they are just like regular builds but Blazing Fast.
  • Flash: You can download 64bit version of Flash for the 64bit builds from Adobe Labs
  • Other Binaries: You need 64bit versions of binary-addons/plugins to run with 64bit builds of Blazing Fast.

Firefox Release Builds (Stable)

Firefox 13.0 64bit Installers:

? Firefox 13.0 x64

Firefox 13.0 64bit Zipped Builds:

? Firefox 13.0 x64

Firefox 13.0 32bit Installers:

? Firefox 13.0 SSE2 ? Firefox 13.0 SSE

Firefox 13.0 32bit Zipped Builds:

? Firefox 13.0 SSE2 ? Firefox 13.0 SSE


  1. All builds are for Windows 2000 and above only.
  2. SSE builds are optimized for Pentium III/equivalent.
  3. SSE2 builds are optimized for Pentium IV/equivalent.
  4. All 64bit builds are SSE2 and are optimized for Pentium IV/equivalent.
  5. The above list is sorted by versions in descending order i.e. the recent versions are at the top of the list.
  6. All builds have the full functionality as the official builds from Mozilla i.e. no loss of functionality as a result of any tweaks.
  7. Custom builds (with the compiler parameters of your choice) available at request.
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