New Version Of FfChrome Released

I use FfChrome on my production machine. And after having built it and using it for several days now I again feel the creative satisfaction that I found when I created ColorfulTabs. Today I released a new version of FfChrome (pronounced “Firefox Chrome“). Version 1.3 is the most stable and compatible version to date. It has several enhancements and bugfixes the notable ones being as follows-

  • FfChrome can now take care of menuitems added by other addons. This will really trim your menu down to the basics.
  • FfChrome 1.3 has several compatibility enhancements and fixes. FfChrome will now play gentle with menus modified by other addons. Tasks for example CuteMenus2 which adds icons to your menus. This now works perfectly fine with FfChrome.
  • Corrected the timer so that menu does not expand by mistake or on short hovers.
  • Corrected a bug when some items will not show in the expanded menu.

You may want to see the video demonstrating how FfChrome changes the way you use menus. If you are reading this in a feed reader, you’ll have to visit the actual site.

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Comments on "New Version Of FfChrome Released"

  1. Anil says

    i am familiar with you since the days you brought in the ColorfulTabs.
    That is a beautiful addon.
    So is this Ffchrome.
    You made the browsing, an extended pleasure with your “good work”.
    thank you for the colored tabs and thank you for the Ff chrome.
    you m

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