FfChrome With Preferences — New Version Released

I just released version 1.5 of FfChrome. The big change is that you now have a lot of choice under preferences. You can check items that you want to have shown by default in the context menu. The unchecked items are available in the expanded menu on-the-fly. Optionally you can change the value of the timer and set the delay before the menu expands when hovering on “Show All”. I’ll leave you with a few pics on this lovely weekend and provide you with the link to see the video and install FfChrome and see for yourself how it works. Do not forget to post your feedback. Enjoy!

Trimmed Context Menu with option to expand on the fly - just point your mouse to "Show All"
The expanded menu - available on-the-fly. You don't miss a thing.

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Comments on "FfChrome With Preferences — New Version Released"

  1. Jorge says

    Excelent update! I think that everyone who knows FFChrome was waiting for the options menu.
    It works fine, but one of the options has no label… is possible caused by an extension, don’t know which, but what is the sense of an item without label???

    Of course, everyone who uses FFChrome will have a suggestion and not all the suggestions can be implemented. I was thinking about the problem of the separators and the idea I told you. And after see the list of elements i was thinking, why not separate each one, sorted by contextual menu? (links, text selected, menues, etc.), this would make more easy to select (maybe multiple elements with the same label). But, I don’t know if its possible to separate each context menu, maybe yes, maybe not or maybe is too difficult. Don’t know, just a thought.

  2. says

    Jorge: glad you like it. Just send me a screenshot of the options window with the label-less item and the list of extensions you are using. You can create a new thread at http://forums.binaryturf.com and upload the info and I’ll fix things.

    As far as your second request is concerned, the options window gets populated dynamically so it is very tricky to know which item is related to which context and which extension. But may be I’ll give it a try and see if I can categorise them in some way. Thanks for using FfChrome.

  3. Jorge says

    I check it disabling and enabling extensions one by one, and discover that the label-less element belongs to “Tab Mix Plus 0.3.7pre.080930”, but it’s impossible to determine which option is.

  4. Felix says

    This is a great update, I recently uninstalled as it became frustrating that my regular menu’s were hidden and I had to move to mouse down to get them. But this update, looks great and solve my issue, so I’m reinstalling it. Top effort, and thanks :)

  5. Felix says

    Just reinstalled, and unfortunately one of the menus I use often still wont show (even with all the menu box ticked) It is another Firefox app called English (Australian) Dictionary. found here

    The application highlights spelling errors and right clicking will show options of correct spelling. The FfChrome doesnt allow the options to be displayed without pressing show all.


    Would greatly appreciate if this could be made an option to not be delayed.


  6. says

    Thanks for reporting. The dictionary elements do not have an id attribute and thus they are skipped from the preference. I’ll add an option to force them to show if the “Languages” menu is checked to be shown. Meanwhile you may want to set the delay to 0 so you don’t have to wait for the menu to show up.

  7. says

    Hi, thanks for the great extension! Just one tiny thing though, I noticed that the menu separators are removed. It’s OK for me on right-click context menus, but it affects the menubar menus as well, which is kinda ugly. :/

  8. Elena says

    Great work!! I notice my menus have turned white though, not the usual grey. Is there a place where I can adjust this?

  9. MezzoToscano says

    Excellent, HUGE improvement from previous release.

    I must agree with Lim Chee Aun above – having separators removed from ALL menus – including the Bookmarks menu! – is a bit… confusing 😛 I can live with that, but an option to make separators visible (or the extension only affecting the context menu – or both 😉 ) would still be good.

    Also, same problem as Felix with Firefox’s spelling checker – not a big issue anyway.

    The “context menu elements” options box is good, but gets confusing when someone has lots of extensions installed – like me 😛 I am currently toying with an extension named Hyperwords, and it adds a bajillion of submenus (several levels of them!) to the context menu, so that alone makes for a huge list! Two random ideas, not mutually exclusive, to manage this: (a) group items belonging to a submenu with that submenu (b) group items by extension. (No clue whether either is feasible, of course!)

    Now I will walk away slowly… 😉

  10. MezzoToscano says

    Addendum, I also have FoxLingo installed, so I get all the supported languages listed as menu elements… twice 😀 I guess I deserve it!

  11. Elena says

    I tried it with several themes. I’ll go post at your forums. Thank you for the very prompt replies. In the grand scheme of things, certainly no biggie :) Happy with your work on both products, FfChrome and Colorful Tabs.

  12. James says

    A very useful extension so far. They should implement it as standard!

    Just one small thing to be aware of: On my Mac OS system, the text in the preferences pane runs off the side of the box. It doesn’t display as small as the 8pt Tahoma (?) font in your screenshot. I’m guessing most Linux users will have the same problem. One short-term way around this could be to make the preferences window resizeable.

    Apologies if lots of other people have pointed this out. Keep up the good work.

  13. naem says

    why cannot i hide the “show all” option if i didn’t click it on the options box? it gets me out of my nervs.

  14. naem says

    yeah, excellent job. it should be standard. but so far it’s new and free, that’s the greatness of firefox. Thank you!!

  15. says

    All: Thanks for your nice comments. I’m working on fixing the few bugs that have crept in (but none of them is a showstopper). Thanks for using FfChrome.

    naem: why do you want to get rid of the “Show All” options? It allows you to expand the menu on the fly and show the hidden items too. If you are in need of getting rid of “Show All” you should try “Menu Editor”.

  16. mazling says

    Nice extension, thanks!
    The extension seems to remove *all* separators from *all* menus – which I don’t like. Personal Menu extension gets a bit confusing.

  17. aikl says

    Many thanx for this extention!
    And questions :)
    1 – is it possible to replace “Show all” item for double down arrow without any text (like in windows xp menus)?
    2 – is it possible to localize this extentioon for my language? (i can translate myself and sent result)

  18. Walter F. Nickeson says

    FfChrome is a good idea and I like using. However, I too don’t like the removal of separator lines from the menubar menus. The placement of those lines in the Tools menu seems somewhat random to me, but their placement in other menus makes sense and is helpful. I’d really like to see separators returned to the menubar menus. Is there a way to customize where those separators are located?

  19. says

    Hi, cool add-on you got here!

    Just one question. If instead of right-clicking with the mouse I use the keyboard short-cut then I am unable to expand the show-all option. If I press enter I get a pop-up saying that it does not work with clicking. I use this keyboard short-cut quite a lot when typing text into fields, like right now.

  20. says

    On istallation of FFchrome i get followeing box 3 times before forefox starts each time i press cancel/ok -any advice?
    Firefox could not install this item because of a failure in Chrome Registration. Please contact the author about this problem.

  21. says

    on insatlaation i get fololowing message 3 times uri9ng firefox loading and after pressing ok and reinsatalling ff chrome -advice?
    Firefox could not install this item because of a failure in Chrome Registration. Please contact the author about this problem.

  22. says

    FFChrome is great! Been waiting for just such an addon ever since there have been addons. I am SO happy to use this along with Menu Editor to change the order of what appears in my menus. Thanks so much. Colorful Tabs is also an addon I’ve used a long time because it is much nicer to have very clear definition between tabs. But the I often find myself with say 40 tabs open at a time. Not a fan of pastel colors but anything too rich would be hard to read unless the colors can be dark and the letters white or whatever to make high contrast is any good theme.

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