FfChrome 2.1 Released For Firefox 4

FfChrome 2.1 has been released for Firefox 4. This release is basically a compatibility release. One major new functionality we see in Firefox 4 is it’s streamlined chrome-like interface. Thus FfChrome’s Chrome mode has little use in Firefox 4 and has thus been disabled.

FfChrome is an extension that slims and trims your context menus on the fly for ease of use and easy access and eliminates the clutter. If you have been using Firefox for a while and have many extensions installs you’d have realised that the length of the Firefox context menu has grown exponentially. FfChrome is based on a simple philosophy – to clean things up. This is an extension for those who like elegance and want to do away with the clutter. Suggestions are welcome. If you want to install the extension you can just skip to the bottom. Here’s what it does.

  1. It will optimize your context menu and show only the bare essential items.
  2. It will allow you to see the unwanted items on the fly by clicking “Show All”. You can again collapse it to bare essentials on the fly.
  3. All disabled items are taken out by default. What will one do with the “paste” item when you haven’t copied anything?
  4. Ease of use – all changes happen on the fly.
  5. It is contextually sensitive. It knows and respects the context in which you use it. For e.g. context menu items relating to links or images etc. will only show when you right click on a link or an image etc.

Download and install FfChrome.

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Comments on "FfChrome 2.1 Released For Firefox 4"

  1. wchettel says

    I’ve downloaded v2.1, but it will not install. I get the following message in Firefox 4:
    “This add-on could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt.”

  2. Tino says

    Oh, you’re right! I’ve tried it several seconds before I posted my comment – but now it’s really available!

    Thanks, Binary Turf :)

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