25 Examples Of Black And White Websites

Urban Edge Design

Web designing is a work of visual art, where colors play an important role in attracting a specific kind of audience. Each  color drives a particular emotion in humans. For instance green reflects healing and refreshing, yellow inspires people & make them optimistic, blue directs your mind to calmness and so on. That is why […]

Blurry Backgrounds In Web Design — Quick Tips & Examples

Daniel Filler

Photography enthusiasts love to photograph shallow DOF to blur the background. Blurred backgrounds add three dimensional reality and a little bit of surrealism to the image. And the effect comes out to be quite impressive — sharp & focused subject and complimenting defocused background. As an inspiration from photography, designers have also started following the […]

4 Things You Can Do To Power Up Your WordPress Widgets

Wordpress widgets are a powerful feature to add flexibility to the WordPress powered website. It allows end users to easily add new features & functionality in the sidebar or whatever widgetized areas a theme supports. By default, there are some most commonly used widgets in WordPress widget panel. And you can always add new widgets […]