4 Things You Can Do To Power Up Your WordPress Widgets

Wordpress widgets are a powerful feature to add flexibility to the WordPress powered website. It allows end users to easily add new features & functionality in the sidebar or whatever widgetized areas a theme supports. By default, there are some most commonly used widgets in WordPress widget panel. And you can always add new widgets […]

Elegant Themes — Truly Awesome Themes For Designers And Users

Chameleon Theme

Elegant themes is an amazing option for WordPress designers and developers. The superbly designed graphics & pleasing aesthetics and detail towards the finer aspects of the design makes it a great user experience. Elegant Themes so far has offered a collection of 75 themes; all fairly simple to use and easy to implement. We requested  […]

Free Icons — 13 Icon Search Engines To Dowload Free Icons


Attention to details and final finishing touches make all the difference. Designing a layout, placing the content and flowing the text onto a Photoshop document are the primary jigsaws of the puzzle. Once they are at the right place, the more tedious job is give finishing touches to the design; probably by introducing the effects […]