What Is A White Label Service?

White label is the name that has been drived from the analogy of, buying a product from the manufacturer, putting your own label (the typical white label where the seller sticks their own price and even branding) on it and selling it. Freelancers get outsourced projects which follows a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the outsourcing agency. […]

3 Simple Steps To Design With Thesis 2.0 The Traditional Way

All the features of Thesis 2 may entice users who are not flexible with writing code. But seasoned WordPress & Thesis  developers may want to work with Thesis 2.0 the traditional way with: custom_functions.php, to flexibly add new functionality through code and custom.css, to use the goodness of text-editors — syntax highlighting, text-formatting, undo-redo, find […]

64 Ultimate Photoshop Custom Shapes Collection


Photoshop has been the first choice of designers all over the world. It gives you control over many new creations. You can design your own shapes other than what’s available, to be used in your design work. If you don’t find it convenient to design your own, there are many custom shapes are available online […]

25 Examples Of Black And White Websites

Urban Edge Design

Web designing is a work of visual art, where colors play an important role in attracting a specific kind of audience. Each  color drives a particular emotion in humans. For instance green reflects healing and refreshing, yellow inspires people & make them optimistic, blue directs your mind to calmness and so on. That is why […]