Seeing How Users Interact With Your Website

Bombarded with the options inside Google Analytics? Try Open Web Analytics — an open source alternate of Google Analytics. Also referred to as OWA in short, it has a unique feature — re-play how users interact with your site. This is the closest you can get to knowing how your visitors interact with your webpage. […]

23 Colorful Examples Of Travel Websites For Inspiration

A successful travel website is the one that gives the viewer a virtual feel of the destination. Web designers employ high quality images, vibrant colors, awesome backgrounds, varied design elements and modern jquery & CSS effects to offer an immersing appeal to the travel sites. All these things put together nicely result in a website […]

10 Ways To Add A Modern Touch To Your Website Today


2012 has been a buzz with a lot of new design trends evolving. Here are 10 such things you can do to give your website a modern touch. Before we begin let’s demystify some tech-banter. Responsive — A site which works on cellphones? Nah. They all work well on cellphones. They work great and they are […]

Thesis 2.0 Tutorial [Part II] — How To Create A Package

Full Width Boxes Style

In the first part of the tutorial we learned about creating Thesis 2.0 box. While creating boxes facilitates adding new functionality, the other revolutionary feature of Thesis 2.0 is the packages. Thesis 2.0 packages give you a chance to code CSS in an interactive manner. You don’t need to write a single line of CSS […]