WordPress Code Snippets — Detecting Page Parent, Child And Ancestor

Wordpress offers conditional tags for checking various conditions to output the required content for specific templates. Likewise, is_page(), is_home(), is_single(), etc come in handy for displaying conditional content and yes, to create custom templates for home page, front page or any other page. But there are some petty conditions for which the conditional tags are […]

Design Of WordPress Genesis Based HamFestIndia2013.Com


Each website design is special and unique in its own way. And so is the experience of building a website. Each new project brings with it new challenges; which triggers creative thinking in all new way. Right from designing the logo and deciding on the color-scheme to adding the critical functionality, each project is carried […]

Why Does Your Business Need A Website — 5 Reasons

Time and again you will come across this basic question — Does your business need a website? And let’s agree that it is a no brainer. Every business, be it a small organization or a big corporate house, needs a website. The growing internet access and increased Google / online searches have made it all […]

Seeing How Users Interact With Your Website

Bombarded with the options inside Google Analytics? Try Open Web Analytics — an open source alternate of Google Analytics. Also referred to as OWA in short, it has a unique feature — re-play how users interact with your site. This is the closest you can get to knowing how your visitors interact with your webpage. […]