WordPress Customization — 15 Unique Ideas For WordPress Geeks

WordPress is the talk of the town for designers and developers. Owing to its ease of use and a strong community built around it, WordPress has successfully established itself as a propelling CMS which is capable of offering multiple opportunities to its users.

It is not only the weblogs and the websites powered by this open source publishing platform. The CMS is being used by its passionate users to built unusual examples. WordPress plugins, themes and customization codes (also available at GitHub) when put to action deliver amazing customizations.

You can actually look forward to use WordPress for powering your e-commerce website, to use it as an email newsletter manager, to build a social networking and micro-blogging service (Twitter clone) or anything out of league. Here are 15 unique ideas and WordPress tweaks for advanced users to exploit the extensibility of WordPress.

  1. Create Email Newsletter Manager
  2. Build Short URL Service
  3. Create A Twitter Clone
  4. Use WordPress As A Membership Directory
  5. Create An E-commerce Website With WordPress
  6. Build Contact Manager In WordPress
  7. Wikify Your WordPress
  8. Learn To Create a CSS Gallery In WordPress
  9. Create A Social Bookmark Or Digg-like Site With WordPress
  10. Power Your Billing And Invoice System With WordPress
  11. WordPress As A News Aggregator (Alltop Clone)
  12. Design Job Board Website
  13. Build A Ffffound Clone On WordPress
  14. Turn WordPress Into A Site Which Hosts Auctions
  15. WordPress As A Review And Podcasting Site

If you know some great ideas of WordPress customization, feel free to add them to the list.


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