Most of the projects are outsourced to us as ‘White-label’, which means we do not claim our credit for our work. However we do have some of our independent work to demonstrate our expertise and skill.

WordPress/Blog setup, development, customization & design, AdSense targeting & integration, Thesis & other themes’ customization, WordPress MU installation & configuration, custom WordPress plugins, PSD to WordPress or Thesis, forum setup, design & customization are some of the common examples of things we do. The latest addition to the list is the ebook design.

Apn the book (eBook)

APN — The Book Edition 2011 [eBook]

APN — The Book Edition 2011 is an ebook that beautifully sums the photography blog — APNPhotographySchool.Com into a 300+ pages book. A beautiful cover page, social media integration and website promotion are the key highlights of the ebook.



Viseo.se is a Swedish website offering SEO services. It’s home page is a good landing page example — the contact form embedded in the slider and all the services showing above the fold.


APN Logo Design

APN logo was majorly a logo re-design for a photography site — APNPhotographySchool.Com. The logo was redesigned primarily to create a brand identity which was professional as well easy to relate. The task was successfully accomplished the way logo came around.


Sensaton Logo Design

Sensaton logo was designed for a beverage brand dealing in enhanced water. The logo design is a creative workaround to get a brand and a logo without infringing trademark laws.



Eilfe.com is an educational website — a personal pursuit of Prof. John JA Burke to share law and finance references with students. What makes this design stand out is of of course the Metro UI — the dash of Windows 8 UI.

Photography beyond memories (eBook)

Photography Beyond Memories

Photography Beyond Memories is one of the first ebook projects — an unusual experience of learning new skills and creatively accomplishing it as a successful photography ebook.

The fortune ascent (eBook)

The Fortune Ascent

The Fortune Ascent is the ebook designed for BreakthroughMillionaire.Com. It is a finest example of a marketing ebook that pays close attention to customer conversion.


Simple, pleasing blue design truly representing husband and wife’s grand adventure. LandingStanding.Com is a travel website where Meg and Tony blog about travel, food and friendly tips and suggestions on how to make your journey successful.


Simple yet an amazing landing page design! CloudSafe365 is a corporate website with purposeful color scheme and appropriate pitching & marketing tone.


A mysterious parchment over leather design, Occult Of Personality is a website covering topics related to occult.


MusicWith.In is about the soulful classic music of the Indian subcontinent. The design required an ethnic yet royal feel to it along with a modern and appealing finish.


Inner directions is the green design which truly rejunevates the spirit of insight and awakening.


GeorgiaVeteran.Net is a simple design reflecting efficient utilization of browser real estate and clearly defined call to action.

Femme Flora WordPress Theme

Femme Flora WordPress Theme

Femme Flora is a WordPress theme designed with a feminine look and feel. It is easy to customize and comes with a configurable header. With beautiful fonts and colors, Femme Flora is a good choice if you want to run a blog with a unique and beautiful impression.

Character bbPress Forum Theme

Character bbPress Forum Theme

The Character Theme for bbPress Forums solves a fundamental problem of building a strong online community. A package which delivers all the following at the same time:
Free Forum Software + Easy, Complex & Professional Customization + Zero Entry Barrier To New Members + Strong Support

This means seamless integration with your WordPress blog, excellent configurable SEO, easy ad integration, integration with Google Feedburner, Analytics & Custom Search, custom style and functions, painless upgrades, OpenID support. Nowhere do you get this power and functionality for an open source forum software.

AdvancedPhotography.Net WordPress-Thesis Development And Design


A growing community of photography enthusiasts called for a beautiful and elegant custom blog design. APNPhotographySchool.com today is a hub of more than 40k photographers and serves several thousands of impressions daily.

Other Development & Design Work

Other Development & Design Work

Other than this we’ll developed several popular web application like the ffChrome & colorfulTabs Firefox addons, a beautiful stripe generator, CSS tweaking tools and more…

Check out our services: Thesis Developement & Customization, WordPress Development & Customization Services, Genesis Development & Customization, PSD To Thesis, PSD To WordPress & PSD To Genesis.

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