Freebies — 25 Beautifully Designed Social Media Icon Sets


Social media is a marketing bliss for bloggers, designers and almost all online businesses. So, whatever the project be, having Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumble Upon, etc has become the primary requirement, even without the client mentioning it. So, here we have a list of beautifully designed social media icon sets, which are free to download. […]

Featured WordPress Plugin — Relevanssi Search

Have you ever thought of making the WordPress search more efficient? By default WordPress returns search results date wise, but it is better to show relevant results instead. Relevanssi plugin comes in handy as a real solution for providing search results sorted by relevance. This plugin comes in 2 versions regular and premium. By using […]

Dental Websites — 25 Awesome Examples Of Dental Websites

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Smile makes emotions travel from one person to another. Smile is contagious. To always have a good smile on your face requires you to take care of your dental health. At present people are so conscious about their looks. Sometimes people tend not to smile utterly just because their teeth are not properly shaped or […]