A Note On Colorfultabs For Firefox 4

The tab-UI has seen quite a change in Firefox 4. The tabs look more sleek seamless. It took quite a while to come up with a version of ColorfulTabs that would work with Firefox 4. The beta released attracted a lot of negative feedback. With the updated version we’ve tried to answer a lot of issues. However before we go further, let’s take a look at what things look like. Check out these screenshots:

ColoruflTabs on Windows with Windows Classic Desktop

ColorfulTabs with a persona on Windows Aero

The AllTabs Popup List

If your browser doesn’t look like this with ColorfulTabs, check your Firefox theme and the addons you are using. Also check your userchrome.css customizations. A lot of reports come in because addons and themes interefere with ColorfulTabs. Some of the major points that have to be addressed are:

Please Make ColorfulTabs Compatible With xyz

The last time I checked, there were more that 3000. It’s simply not practical to invest efforts into a free software and maintain it’s compatibility with all the themes and addons.

My Persona Looks Wierd

That’s because the Persona may be interefering with ColorfulTabs. Please refer to the above screenshots or post a screenshot in the forums.

The Navigation Bar Gets Colored

The purpose of skinning the navigation bar was to indicate the active tab. With there’s a small 6px strip for a seamless UI indicating the active tab. This strip is stuck below the tabs and seamlessly integrates with the tabs and the toolbars.

I Like The New/Old Look

Glad you like the look. However as ColorfulTabs is updated, changes will happen. The idea of having ColorfulTabs is to have a beautiful sleek UI which also helps to easily identify the tabs. With that in mind, ColorfulTabs’ design will always be released with a profession finished. All fancy work and customization can be done with userchrome.css

Changes in this release

  1. Fixed the nav bar. ColorfulTabs now has a small strip below the tabs for indicating the active tab.
  2. Fixed alltabslist
  3. All options work
  4. Lot of other bugfixes

Testing is being done for compatibility on SeaMonkey. ColorfulTabs will soon be submitted for a review at AMO. If you have been waiting for ColorfulTabs for Firefox 4, now is the time to upgrade.


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Comments on "A Note On Colorfultabs For Firefox 4"

  1. BrianM says

    The line underneath the tabs for me is always purple, no matter what color the selected tab is.

  2. Eavesdown says

    Would it be possible to allow users to toggle the new white glow around the text on tabs with darker colors? I assume it was introduced to increase readability of the black text on dark colors, but my eyes just find it distracting. I’m sure some users are finding it quite useful, so I wouldn’t want it to be removed entirely, but I would greatly appreciate an on/off switch, if it wouldn’t be too hard to implement.

  3. says


    thank you for fixing the “colored all tabs menu” issue and making the colored strip below the tab bar thinner (as suggested some days ago).

    But now I have another issue (yes, I’m the guy with that weired customized FF3.6-looking FF4.0 ;-). But maybe you could just take a few seconds to have a look at this screenshot:


    The problem is now, that the colored stripe in fact is thinner (which looks much better), but now there is a one-pixel light-grey line between the tab bar and the colored stripe.

    If that could be fixed in the next version, I’d be very glad and this is the last thing that prevents me from “doing the step” to FF4.0! It’s almost perfect! ;-)

    (But if I you cannot fix it because it is caused by my “FF3.6 Theme” installation, maybe you could give a hint how I could fix it by myself via userChrome.css?)

    Anyway, many thanks in advance and best regards from Germany!

  4. Eavesdown says

    I’m seeing the thin grey line as well, and I’m just using the default FF4 theme.

  5. says

    Don’t know why that gray line is showing up for you. Perhaps info about your OS, addons, and themes would help. Works fine for me though. Shouldn’t happen on the default theme at least. An addon may be interefering.

  6. says

    Windows XP SP2, Firefox 4.0, Theme: “Firefox 3 for Firefox 4″ by Jeremy Morton (see https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/firefox-3-theme-for-firefox/).

    When I use the default theme, I don’t have that grey line! So it seems to be the theme.

    I am a little bit confused that in the previus versions of Colorful tabs (for FF4), the grey line wasn’t there, *although* I had the “Firefox 3 for Firefox 4″ theme installed and enabled!

    So I think it’s some sort of incompatibility between Colorful Tabs and the Theme, not a single one of both is responsible for the issue alone.

    Maybe the “part of the problem” on Colorful Tab’s side could be fixed, though… ;)

    Best regards,

  7. Eavesdown says

    It’s interesting that you don’t see it on the default theme, Fabian. I just ran checks on two different machines: One running Windows XP SP3, the other on Windows Server 2008 SP2. I disabled all addons except for ColorfulTabs ( on both and made sure they were running the default FF4 theme, and I still see the small grey/white line appearing between the color bar and the list of tabs. If you need, I can attach a screenshot.

  8. Resident_grey says

    Wow, works great. Still one or two minor issues still to resolve like after coloring tabs, when switching to a tab that is not colored the thin line still keeps the colored tab color and does not reset to transparent. Great add-on!

    OS: XP
    no firefox themes installed

  9. says


    maybe it is also important which Windows Theme one is using. As can be seen on my screenshots, I’m using Microsoft’s “Zune” theme on all my machines.

    I think on Windows Server you only have the Windows classic theme, which one do you use on your XP machine?

  10. Eavesdown says

    Regarding the Windows themes: I use the “Windows Standard” theme (the default for Windows server machines) on both boxes, since I was never fond of the XP themes.
    Here’s a screenshot showing what I get with all extensions disabled on the default theme.


  11. says

    Oh, but where is the grey line in your screenshot?

    Do you mean the line below the colored stripe?

    If you have a look at my screenshot above (here it is again:

    you’ll see that the line I mean is *between* the colored stripe and the actual tabs!
    Which looks a bit ugly….

    Best regards,

  12. Eavesdown says

    Oh, is it intentional to have the grey line between the color stripe and the non-selected tabs? I didn’t realize that the issue Fabian was seeing was between the stripe and the *selected* tab.

  13. Shadow says

    Thanks you very much for the last update, it resolve the problem of the navigation bar colored which was bad with use of personas. But now on the thin line i have a white border around it, like in your two screenshots at top of this article. I dont’ like it at all !

    Please make an option to disable it, I prefer the thin line melted with the webpage i’m reading like in the precedent version, and i’m on win xp3. Thanks for this great addon.

  14. Benny says

    It doesn’t work perfectly with app tabs. The color of the tab itself works well, but the little bar under the tab doesn’t change color when in app tabs.

  15. Shadow says

    the thin line change color well for me, but may you remove or make an option to disable, the white border of this thin line ? Thanks a lot

  16. Martin says

    Since everybody seems to complain, I just write to say that your add-on is simply brilliant, very useful.
    Thank you very much for you afford. Please do not give up.
    Once again, many thanks.

  17. Bruce Fenster says

    Regarding the issue BrianM mentioned. His quote “The line underneath the tabs for me is always purple, no matter what color the selected tab is.”

    Here is what I observed on my XP system: When you first install and then click the “restart” button. if you then close the add-ons Manager tab, the line will retain that tab’s color for all tabs. The solution seems to be to “Exit” FF4 and restart it. Works perfectly after that. Also disabling and enabling Colorful Tabs does not cause the issue to reappear. Hope this helps and thanks for the excellent odd-on, I wouldn’t want to be without it!


  18. Resident_grey says

    Please include. I agree with Shadow on an option to disable the border between the color bar. Although this looks nice with Tabs on Top, I think some of use prefer our tabs on the bottom. With the tabs on the bottom, the line between the color strip is particularly distracting. Not an avid complainer however sees how great this plug-in can b.

    OS:XP SP3

  19. Resident_grey says

    Here is an screenshot of the border between the color bar with the tabs on the bottom.
    image: http://tinyurl.com/4bkw7b7
    Also notice the selected tab is the first non-colored tab but the bar still reflects the color of a colored tab and has not gone back to being uncolored. Please have an option to disable this border.

  20. Geoff says

    I would like to try the new version, but I don’t see an easy way to back-up the old version. I’m looking for just the single .xpi file for Colorful Tabs, but I can’t find it on my hard drive. I know I can do a full profile back-up, but I don’t want to do it that way. Can you make it a lot easier on me and just add a link to the older It would be nice to have. The reason I can’t find the single file is because some genius decided to name the files like this: {1cff04ef-0c75-4621-ba2a-2efb77346996}.xpi. How am I supposed to know which one that goes to?? Most of mine are like that. The ones that aren’t named like that don’t say Colorful Tabs. Colorful Tabs would be very easy to find. Please add a simple link to the older version. Thanks!

  21. Shadow says

    You guessed the situation perfectly Resident_grey, my tabs are actually on the bottom, not on top. my os is the same as your, win xp3.
    These white borders around the thin line are a little less disturbing when they are on top, but really annoying for me if they’re lower.
    apart from that, nothing else to say… this addon is really essential to go with firefox, and i’ love it. So i don’t complain, i just tell what i find colorfultabs to help improve it. i think it’s important that the developer know what we see when we use his creation, and that’s all.

  22. Speravir says

    Now the appearance with Silvermel (and Charamel for sure) is totally broken. I hope, you release soon a final version, so Pardal (Sharebird) can do the necessary adjustments in his excellent themes.

    @Fabian: According to the CSS-Code it is a white line. ;-) (Im Camp Firefox können wir uns BTW gern auch auf deutsch austauschen.)

    @Resident_grey & Shadow: With „userchrome.css“ or „Stylish” you can change it right now for your own.

  23. jwh says

    Thanks for a great add-on! Let me first say, my primary use of this adds is to color tabs by domain. Up until FF4, I used the ‘Group/Sort Tabs’ add-on for this, but it only worked about half the time. I spent some time a couple weeks ago searching for a replacement, and found 2-3 others that also stopped support at 3.6. And then I found this; which is much better than my old mainstay in several ways…and always works. :) And the fading option has become very useful too.
    What is the ‘highlight tab’ under fading options do? Though, I may not be seeing a difference because I have certain OS ‘appearance’ options disabled (XP and Win7). I did notice, when using the Classic Compact 4 theme, enabling ‘highlight’ returns the tab bar to its default height. This may be normal/intentional though.
    Sometimes, the selected colors are a bit too similar to the base tab. I’ve also observed that the domain-based color groupings are sometimes incorrect or inconsistent. For example, a.b.com/1 and a.b.com/2 and d.b.com are the same color; but then x.y.com/1 and x.y.com/2 are the same while z.y.com is different. These are fairly minor concerns.
    There is a bug with the full-screen autohide-bars function, using this add-on. When it auto-hides, it won’t comes back, unless you use the toggle key (F11). My wife accidentally clicked the full-screen button and was about to kill me… :)
    Thanks again!

  24. Mark H says

    Is it possible to run I personally loved that effect and would like to return to it. I understand that many folks wanted CT to be better for their personas but I’m not one of them. How would I revert to a previous version?

    Thank you!

  25. Will says

    Great, now the nav bar doesn’t have the faded color anymore. And why is it that about:addons and about:blank don’t have custom colors?

  26. cflag says

    The colored navigation bar (so in version – I love it.
    I’m using this plugin for a long time and was enthused by this effect in ff4.
    Sadly this effect was removed in actually version without configuration option to reactivate,
    so I go back to and can’t have a part of future updates of this excellent plugin :-(

  27. Shadow says

    To Speravir: thanks for your answers but i’ don’t know how to use userchrome or stylish, and i think not not be alone in this case, so is not a good help for me. i just wait for an answer of the developer.
    Well Shivanand, i’m happy to discover your trick to recover older versions of add-on, very simple et effective. i don’t knew that. it will be a great help for Geoff or other people sure.
    Good day to everyone, and best regards from France.

  28. Johnny says

    I was also pretty keen on the colored nav bar. It would be nice to have that as an option.

  29. Jason says

    I appreciate your work on Colorful Tabs. It really helps me at work. For me, the sweet spot was I’ve gone back to that version for the colored nav/address bar. At this point, the only thing else I miss is ability to color about:blank. Everything else works great for me. Thanks!

  30. Benny says

    I’ve also gone back to now. You should definitely add an option to color the whole address bar in the next version.

  31. Radu says

    I simply love your add-on !

    ColorfulTabs and the TabMix Plus are the single add-ons that I really miss when moving to other computers (colleagues, friends, etc.). Sorry, but cannot imagine and work with Firefox without them.

    The new version works like a charm for me (FF4.0, “Electric Chaos” theme and tabs moved under the awesome/search bar, Win7).

    Just wanted to thank you for making my experience with Firefox so much better.

  32. a2933697 says

    The pinned app tabs don’t get the color line working properly. Also, would it be possible for the size of the color bar to be customizable? 6px is a hair too much for me and I would like to be able to play around with the size. Also, can we turn the gradient back on for the navigation tabs?

  33. jwh says

    >Shivanand Sharma March 28, 2011 at 9:00 am
    >Works perfectly fine in fullscreen. Glad you survived

    Only barely though. :) So, you tried the F11 fullscreen (or the ‘fullscreen’ button in the extra custom buttons), that auto-hides the top bars; or the normal Windows ‘maximize’ fullscreen button, with normal non-hiding top bars? If the former, I will try this on a bare FF4 install, though disabling this add-on fixes it in both XP and Win7. Thanks!

  34. Benny says

    a2933697, I found a solution to that problem. App tabs need to be reopened after installing any new version of Colorful Tabs before working properly.

  35. Ann says

    1. Is it possible to color just domain-hostnames-tabs and have one chosen (default) color for others?
    2. I’ve noticed that no matter I’d checked “highlight the currently selected tab” or not – the tab is highlighted.
    Great addon btw)

  36. says has been released.

    1. Fixes app tab highlighting.
    2. Better highlighting for highlighted tabs.
    3. Reduced the tab size to normal (I found them to be too large in the previous version).
  37. Geoff says

    I tried out the newest versin, and I think I like it. The white glowing halo effect around the active tab is a nice touch. I might prefer it more than the old way of making the tab bigger in I’m not sure. The tab bar is supposed to change colors based on the colored tab, right? Mine doesn’t do that, and I actually prefer it that way. Mine changes color based on my theme. It looks pretty cool. Also, the tab list isn’t colored like it should be. I might like to change that. Good job with the add-on, though I’d still maybe like the old active tab feature back. Maybe give us two options? Thanks!

  38. Geoff says

    You would release the newest one right after I posted about A small issue I’m having and I’m not sure if it’s because of your extension or not, but sometimes the site’s favicon doesn’t load properly. Like you have to click on the tab to get it to load. You’ll be stuck with a blank white icon. Like for example when opening Add-ons Manager.

  39. Eavesdown says

    I realize it sort of got lost in the discussion of the lines, but I was wondering, is there any chance of getting an option to toggle the white drop-shadow on the text for colored tabs? It really makes it tougher for me to read the non-bold text on unselected tabs.

    Thank you for being so responsive to user discussion around the addon. I really appreciate all the work you put into beautifying Firefox.

  40. Namrepus221 says

    Think I found a glitch.

    My color bar was still appearing to be a single color regardless as to which tab I was on. Following the instructions of other people here. If you restart Firefox it fixes it.

    However. If you “restore” your session to what you were doing, the color line will get stuck again and won’t fix itself.

  41. Geoff says

    Is it my imagination, or did u make the tab bar even thinner in the latest release? I still wish we could have the gray bar from in these newer versions.

  42. says

    Thanks for the update, it’s getting better all the time. The thinner/lighter the whole tab bar thing is, the more space is for the actual content on the screen. So I generally appreciate that you’ve made the tabs smaller.

    But I personally find that the text on the tabs should be moved one pixel down (okay, that’s really nit-picky)… ;-)


    Additionally, the “white line” issue is still there, but as you didn’t state you’ve fixed it and the whole thing is on your agenda, this is not a complaint about it… ;-)

    – Fabian

  43. Chris says

    Hi! This extension looks great! Thanks for making it!

    I have limited space on my display, and would really like an option to remove the 6px line between the tabs and the address bar.

    Also, I’m pretty sure you can, but in the FF4 version, can you adjust tab transparency? I would like to specify different transparency levels for the active tab vs. the non-active tabs.

    Thanks again!

  44. derp says

    My previous comment seems to have vanished into the aether, but i still have the same issue with as i’ve had with every version since – namely the tabs aren’t actually coloured. why this works with, but not later versions i cant say.

    Anyway, i was wondering if it would be possible to edit the clrtabs.css file in \chrome\clrtabs.jar >> skin to reduce the size of the strip under the tabbar, but it seems that the line which affects it is commented out?

    /*#TabsToolbar {
    border-bottom:6px solid;

  45. Jimmy says

    Is there any chance of getting the coloured address bar as a toggle in the options? I really liked that as it helped tab recognition.

  46. Aidan says looks fantastic, apart from the not-coloured nav bar. Now I don’t know whether to run this version or :(

    Is there any chance of a future version providing a way to re-enable nav bar colouring?

  47. Aidan says

    So why do you need it now?

    Same reason we need Colourfultabs at all. Firefox looks significantly more attractive with it than without it.

  48. says

    I see that most of the people are using ColorfulTabs more for the cosmetic purposes than for the utility of it. Would you be interested in a theme which can color your navigation bar?

  49. Aidan says

    Only if it colours it to match the current tab – it does aid tab recognition. If I just wanted to change it from grey, I’m sure I could find a theme or persona for that on my own.

  50. Mark H says

    I agree with Aidan. If you make it an option, it needs to follow the functionality of This is not only a cosmetic issue, it is a fundamental UI issue that is unique to CT. By coloring the nav bar with the tab, it provides a true Web App feel that is intuitive to what you are looking at.

    I’d vote for that feature by way of donation when it arrives!

  51. Ricki says

    Using OSX, the tab is not fully colored. Only a colored frame is surrounding the highlighted tab. Inside it is grey. Doesn´t look as nice as with XP. Please let me knowif you need a Screenshot. Thanks for this great add-on.

  52. derp says

    Hi Shivanand, thanks for the reply :)

    in re: reply #59, here are the screenshots

  53. roundabout says

    Hi Shivanand,

    Thank you for this excelentl addon and all the work you put into it.

    RE: colouring navigation tab to match the active tab – I absolutely love the way it was done in v and had to reverse back to it from your latest update.
    For me this is not a “cosmetic” thing but instead a great way to be able to see at a glance which tab I am in at the moment.

    Would it be at all possible to have this as a permanent user selected option in your next update?

  54. roundabout says


    Here is how I use ColourfulTabs v at work:

    On a regular basis I need to have several remote configuration access links open at once. They all look almost exactly the same but for the URL address and the differences in configuration settings.
    Each URL now has it’s own colour assigned to it permanently.

    Having navigation toolbar match the assigned colour of the active tab means I can more easily tell which one of them I am configuring (or actively monitoring) at that particular moment.

    BTW, I would be happy to donate some money to support your work on this addon but I can’t find a link to donation page.

  55. Shadow says

    i’m happy to see that you ‘ll work on the line under tabs, so i will be patient and hope that the white borders which I spoke earlier will can be removed in the options, I don’t find it nice for me. the rest is perfect on
    but there is not only the esthetic aspect, I use the coloration of the tabs by domain, and it is very useful, also i use coloring the All-tabs popup menu, which give a nice effect. thank you for all that good job Shivanand.

  56. Fredrik Mellström says

    I’m using, and I think the looks of the main UI are perfect now. The coloured stripe below the tabs is just the right size for me, and I think it makes the Firefox UI very clear and intuitive.

    I can understand why some people liked the colored navbar in, and it does improve the UI by making it more clear which tab is active. However, for me personally, it was a bit too much with a coloured area of such a large size, and it covered too much of the persona / theme for my own taste. Actually I *might* have preferred the colored navbar without a theme / persona on windows classic, since that user interface has big coloured areas in the window title bars anyway. If at all possible, I would suggest that you keep the navbar colour as an option, which should probably be off by default.

  57. Sizzle says

    I disagree with many of the commentators. I personally like the coloring of the nav bar, and I would like it to return. If possible, could the choice to color the nav bar be an option?

    In the meantime, could I be provided with a link for the older version, since I had the updating feature turned on?

  58. Andrew says

    In previous version (before Firefox 4 update) were option “Generate colors on demand” in coloring scheme tab. Now it’s missing. Will you make it again?

  59. anthonyda says was fine, i totally agree with aidan too.

    Is it really that hard to put such an option in colorfultab?

  60. Satish says

    The small 6px border below the tabs is not good. Please don’t eat into the browser real estate. Please provide an option to disable this border.

  61. Andrew Rossmann says

    I was updated to, and noticed that there is a color line at the top of the page, even if NO tabs are active. I still prefer the option to not always have tabs active. Is there a way to disable the line if no tab is active?

  62. Shadow says

    i have discover a new bug in, before that update, I had never had it . i have a pinned tab which change alone of color… strangely he become yellow. it’s the only one who have this, and this is facebook who is open on it. i’m the only one to see that or not ?

  63. Alek says

    I join the others in saying that I use ColorfulTabs for practical reasons, not cosmetic.

    Also, I’d like to repeat the bug report about colors being lost when a tab is dragged to another window.

  64. Spikes says

    As I already wrote in my AMO comment: this is a great extension, big thanks.

    Is there any chance that you consider adding the site-specific color generation out of the site-icon (favicon) like ChromaTabs is doing that?
    In most cases the favicons represent the colors of the page. And often it also represents the corporate colors of a company. The recognition is very high in that case and it’s all done automatically. Such a feature would be nice.

  65. Geoff says

    I like the way the newest version uses your theme/persona for the color of the tab bar, but I also think it would be cool to have an option for the active tab coloring of the tab bar as well. The way it is in version I know many people prefer it that way. I myself would like to switch it on and off to try to decide which way I’d like to use. Please give us an option if possible, but don’t take away the persona/theme coloring of the tab bar. The way it is now is pretty cool. It’s just nice to have a choice. It would also be nice to have the active tab get bigger and have the bigger, gray bar from version The theme here as you guessed it, is choice. Give the users multiple choices if possible. Thanks!! I really appreciate your hard work on your great extension.

  66. says

    Did I just say yes? Oh no I didn’t mean it!

    Just kidding. Yes doing the favicon stuff has been on our list for a while. And the issue about coloring the nav-bar; yes we want to turn it into a preference.

  67. Chris says

    Loved this plug-in in FF 3.6. But it is very slow and laggy in FF 4.0. Not sure if it’s conflicting with another plug-in, but uninstallation of Colorfultabs makes FF 4.0 fast again.

  68. jwh says

    I’m still getting the issue with F11 fullscreen mode (or its custom icon ‘Fullscreen’ button) auto-hide not allowing unhide when this add-on is enabled (in both XP and Win7). Has anyone else seen this? [This is not referring to the normal Windows 'maximize' button.]

  69. tfr says

    Hi, i just want say thanks for developing this great add-on. The colored 6-pixel line below the tabs works perfectly in my FF4, color changes depending on the tab color (although upon looking at it very close and with a magnifying glass, it appears to be 5 pixels in height). I would like to suggest adding an option to let the user change the thickness of the colored line below the tab. Thanks.

  70. says

    Hi folks, good news:

    Today the “FF3 for FF4″ theme that I’m using has been updated, and the white line between the (active) tab and the colored stripe below them has gone!


    Now it looks (almost) perfect, the only thing is that the Tabs got larger with this update (as noted in the Theme’s release notes), so it’s another 2 pixels screen estate less of page content… but I can live with that :)

    Think it’s the time to eventually switch to FF4 with Colorful Tabs! (The last of my add-ons which has glitches with FF4 is “All-In-One Gestures”, where “rocker navigation gestures” don’t work as expected, opening the context menu each time… but I hope this will also get fixed soon so I can totally switch to FF4 on all of my machines :)

    Best regards,

  71. Derek says

    The ColorfulTabs doesn’t work for me. Well, it sort of works. I get a colour thin line around all the tabs instead of the tab being colored. I have other people I work with who are experiencing the same issue. Others say it has always looked this way on Mac OS X for them.

  72. ren says

    The tabs ‘x’ go missing so I can’t close them that way. I have to right click on the tab to close it. Anyone else have this issue?

  73. Gemma says

    I am using Vista and I have the latest version of FF and downloaded Colorfultabs and now the tabs are awful dull dark colours with dark letters, also my automatically set colours are now not working.
    However my dropdown of open tabs are the correct colours..
    The tabs are very hard to read now — how do I fix this?

  74. Gemma says

    Following the above comment and question.

    I have closed and restarted FF and that has not fixed the problem.

  75. Gemma says

    Just realised the tabs are taking the dominant colour of the webpage. Sadly they are dingy colours and this did not happen in previous versions of Colorfultabs.

    My selected colours for specific webpages still is not working, neither is trying to change the colour of any of the tabs in the screenshot.

    If I select a coulr for any of these tabs as soon as I click on another tab in the window the tab changes back to the dominant colour of the web page.

    Hope you can help, thanks Gemma

  76. Geoff says

    I don’t know if it’s because of your extension or another one, but is anyone else having problems with favicons on the tabs not always loading? If you open add-ons manager from the toolbar, it doesn’t load up the favicon. Instead it’s that little, blank, white piece of paper. Once you click on it and focus it, then the favicon loads properly. It sometimes happens on websites such as http://football.realgm.com/ but always happens on the add-ons manager from the toolbar using the extension Toolbar Buttons. Once you focus it, it loads the way it should. Weird bug. Could be your extension, ChromaTabs Plus, or TabMixPlus. Gotta be one of them. Anyone else experiencing this?

  77. Amazed says

    Pity you didnt make the strip under the tabs of configurable height. I would really like to see that strip taller.

  78. Evert says

    I just need all tabs that have http://localhost urls open to be a different color. All other tabs should remain plain. Is that possible? If I set it to domain specific colors it still colors all tabs, even those I don’t specify.

  79. Geoff says

    New version is out. Not sure what is new. I’m hoping to see an update here that explains it. The all tabs list is still not color coded, though I guess that’s normal if the coloring the tab bar by active tab feature was removed. The Tabs List seems to be experiencing an annoying bug with this new version. The blue highlighter that is usually there when you move up and down your list of open tabs is gone. That def needs to be fixed. I’m gonna roll back to the older version til it gets fixed. Luckily, it still works for TabGroups and Closed Tabs List. Please fix it!! Thanks!

  80. Geoff says

    I mean the navy blue selection bar you get when you move up and down items. That is no longer there when using the list all tabs toolbar button, or the tab list button, which I think I got from another extension. Possibly the Toolbar Buttons extension. Either way that blue bar is missing. I don’t remember it being like that before.

  81. Shadow says

    in a next version, can we choose the color of tabs not just in a table with predefined colors, but with the possibility of choosing the exact shade we want in the table ?

  82. Geoff says

    Shivanand Sharma, I assume you were asking me why I use Colorful Tabs? I use it mostly for the faded tabs feature, which is a great and very useful feature to have. I also like how the text on my tabs seems a lot nicer and clearer using your add-on than without it. I like the colored tab bar as well, though I wish it could be re-sizable, which would allow myself and others to make it look the way it did in Those are the main reasons I use it. Why did you ask, because I told you about a bug in your extension? I’m not bashing your extension. I love it! I appreciate the hard work you put into it. I’m just trying to help you improve it. I thought that’s what the comments section is for. Will you be releasing a newer version soon with the fix for the disappearing blue bar? Thanks!

  83. says

    No. I didn’t take it that way. I just found it (funny if I may) to see that you had no colors on the tabs even though you were using ColorfulTabs. With the number of addons, themes, toolbars and customizations you have, I doubt if addons can stay together without conflict.

    I don’t see any changes in the blue bar. If you want to verify please test ColorfulTabs in a new clean profile.

  84. Geoff says

    I am using colored tabs. I’m just using ChromaTabs Plus instead. I hear what you’re saying about my customizations, but I have had no conflicts. Everything runs great with no problems. I can assure you that all of my changes are actually quite useful. They are not just aesthetic. As I said in one of my previous posts, the blue bar returned when I went back to the older version. That would indicate a problem with this new version. It only disappears on the all tabs list/show tab list. It is fine on TabGroups and Closed Tabs List. Is anyone else out there having this problem? Thanks for replying.

  85. Shadow says

    Me it’s the white stripes around the colored line under the tab, like we can on your capture at the top of the page, that annoy me. Can you please remove it in a future version ?

    And can you prevent that on a tab with facebook, the tab changes color when there is a notification ? It is not necessary for me.

  86. Will says

    @Shadow That’s the highlighting feature of Firefox, not Colorfultabs, and it’s necessary for many people who use Facebook and Twitter and want to see notifications. There’s no need to remove it.

  87. says

    I mentioned this in the forum when I was using

    There are times with multiple tabs open that the “X” to close a tab doesn’t appear. It’s sporadic and opening another new tab sometimes clears it up. It may be triggered when a tab description is longer than the tab area. I can not make this happen when Colorful Tabs is disabled. I Just upgraded to The problem is still there and it’s becoming annoying. You have a great add-on and I don’t want to be a complainer but are there any plans to correct this?

  88. says

    ColorfulTabs is out with compatibility for Mac. Any testers who’d like to provide feedback are invited to use the contact form or the forums (both are accessible from the menu in the site header). Please only test with the default theme and clean profile (no other addons).